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About the Studio

Touchgate Entertainment is an independent UK production house with a strong and diversified presence in motion picture production, digital distribution and photography. The studio has dozens of successfully executed productions establishing a variety of genres holding a sincere passion to visually create outstanding work.
With continued success, the studio has teamed up with other round-the-house productions to vigorously pursue a healthy streamline of motion picture productions and state-of-the-art photographs. Our partnerships include Oscar-awarding winning creative studio Framestore, international studio Ryan Talbot Media and London-based Arthouse Fusion Media House.
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What people say?

Touchgate delivered a powerful short film for our driving school. The do's and don't's when driving couldn't have been more clearer. Perfect team to work with!

Mike Romanski, Driving Instructor

What customers say?

You added class to our wedding. We appreciate everything you did and I'm sure we will be hiring you for other occasions in the near future.

Kumbirai Z, Newly Wed

What people say?

A perfect documentary. Clear, cut, and brilliantly executed to educate our students in the world of cooking safety.

Jim Powell, Health & Safety Instructor

Studio Services

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos
Touchgate sustains a vigorous presence in short filmmaking, benched on our history of creating films for individuals and our studio. Our crew are skilled professionals who have been in the industry for years, working on budgets ranging from as little as £500 up to £50,000.
We believe not only to capture the story but to display in a bespoke way: creating a vision allowing viewers to relate and indulge seamlessly. With help from our visionary directors, the hindsight for publishing a story is second-to-none due to a multitude of experience in a range of projects.

Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.

Martin Parr
As a studio with a diverse attitude to motion picture production, we love to produce photographs to the highest and most professional quality standard that links with our line of work. We develop photographs that make statements, adhering to client visions with a cinematic glare.
Our photographic department have years of experience working with digital and vintage photography embodying work covering multiple ranges covering portfolios to event photography and behind the scenes imagery. It's not what we take, but how we take the photographs that matter.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
We understand that capturing important situations can be paramount. Touchgate is empowered by a vast variety of events that unfold; allowing us to deliver and capture what's mattered most. Not only to a professional standard, but a standpoint of an everlasting memory.
Touchgate is an invaluable resource for acquiring exceptional circumstances, whether that'd be a wedding, live events, conference meetings, birthday parties and other meaning matters, you can always rely on Touchgate to provide a truthful and reliable service.

Never fall in love with an idea. They’re whores. If the one you’re with isn’t doing the job, there’s always another.

Chip Kidd
Touchgate is founded on short filmmaking and narrative storytelling to its core principle. Music videos, being part of our forté, enables us to impact our customer's bottom line whilst adhering to their ideas, budget and ensuring that their idea is executed profoundly.
Our music videos are planned to precision to assist in establishing a tighter bond between the studio and the client for a perfect consummate. Touchgate works with clients with to accomplish their ideas to make a seamless, well-planned and shot music video—that they're proud of.

It doesn’t matter how many times I have to click, as long as each click is a mindless, unambiguous choice.

Steve Krug
Documentaries are a fundamental additional to human development, capturing and telling stories as they do. A strong documentary is what will stick with people; a visual education too hard to simply forget. It's this, our stone, which lays a defying essence on delivering motivational and informative pieces.
At the studio, we're dedicated to putting our efforts into delivering visual masterpieces, not only to sit perfectly in our portfolio, but to present a product that our customers are satisfied with. It's this reason which drives our team to new, exciting ideas whilst exploring greater depths.
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