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Music, isn't it wonderful? Especially watching and listening to it first hand. However, suppose you want to relive the moment with all it's glory? We're the trusty stead you can count on to take you back.

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After booking submission, a friendly Touchgate representative will give you a call typically the next working day (if request made after 3 PM) to discuss the booking further.
Service Description

It's good to get the experience. But it's better to capture to experience with reliable footage that you can count on. That's where Touchgate steps in: providing bespoke and reliable imagery.

Capture the Experience

Feel the moment. Live the moment. And relive the experience with our bespoke mood-capturing moments. Leave it up to our team to deliver an outcome you never thought was possible.

  • Initial meeting - talk things through, your requirements and the day plan
  • Coverage by the Hour - simple, fair and competitive prices
  • Editing in our Signature Style - premium editing that sticks
  • On-the-day pricing
  • Base Rate: £250.00
  • Photographer: £125.00 per hour (per photographer)
  • Videographer: £140.00 per hour (per videographer)
  • Delivery & prices
  • Default 200: £0.00
  • Default 500: £150.00
  • Best 25 + Default: £220.00
  • Best 50 + Default: £400.00
  • Watermark Removal: £65.00
  • Video Production
  • 5 Minute Rundown: £0.00
  • 15 Minute Rundown: £50.00
  • 60 Minute Rundown: £120.00
  • Custom Footage: Negotiable

  • 'Default' signifies photographs that are taken on the day and delivered with no editing or touches but contains a watermark. The number (e.g. "200") signifies the amount of photographs delivered.

    'Best' signifies photographs that are taken on the day and edited (using airbrush, adding retouches, blemish removal, etc) and contain no watermarks.