Live Events

The spark of witnessing something live is euphoric and often too good for a one-off. We breathe on capturing events of a lifetime as we aim to never miss a moment.

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Service Description

Live events coverage is what allows our clients to maintain a professional track record. Whether it's a music performance, or even a school talent show, we're made for keeping everything in check both visually and in sound.

Nostalgic. Poignant. Confident.

Our team are experienced individuals ranging from experiences that have combined from a variety of different scenes. We focus our skillset to ensure everything is played in key.

  • Initial meeting - talk things through, your requirements and the day plan
  • Contented Coverage - as we aim to capture every little detail
  • Multicam Production - for easy, unrestricted and smoothe visuals
  • Editing in our Signature Style - premium editing that sticks
  • HD & Clarity - for the visuals and the audio you need
  • On-the-day pricing
  • Base Rate: £450.00
  • Photographer: £125.00 per hour (per photographer)
  • Videographer: £185.00 per hour (per videographer)
  • Delivery & prices
  • Default 200: £55.00
  • Default 500: £135.00
  • Best 25 + Default: 270.00
  • Best 50 + Default: £565.00
  • Watermark Removal: £65.00
  • Video Production
  • 15 Minute Rundown: £40.00
  • 30 Minutes Footage: £100.00
  • 60 Minutes Footage: £250.00
  • Custom Footage: Negotiable

  • 'Default' signifies photographs that are taken on the day and delivered with no editing or touches but contains a watermark. The number (e.g. "200") signifies the amount of photographs delivered.

    'Best' signifies photographs that are taken on the day and edited (using airbrush, adding retouches, blemish removal, etc) and contain no watermarks.